Four Steps To Treating Fleas On Dogs


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Treating Fleas On Dogs

Treating fleas on dogs is not an easy matter. Many people think that all that it takes is applying a topical flea treatment and the problem will be solved. For a many of the cases though, it is not this simple. Because there are 4 stages of life to a flea, you have to treat the problem at many levels.


First, you probably have a pretty big problem to deal with and you need to get things under control. Capstar will do just that. It is an over the counter treatment that you can use to provide immediate results. After your dog takes a tablet, fleas will start dying within 3o minutes. You will literally be able to see them falling off your dog.


After the Capstar, you need to add some lasting flea control that will kill fleas as they hatch. Go with a name brand topical flee treatment that you can apply just once a month. It will kill the fleas as they hatch and they will keep hatching.


Next, you need to clean your home thoroughly to remove as many of the first three life cycles of a flea as you can. The egg, larva and pupa must be targeted. You can do this by vacuuming your home daily and changing your pets bedding on a daily basis.


Finally, you need to treat the yard. This is likely where your pet picked up the flea problem in the first place. All it takes if for a stray animal to get in or even a flea to jump off your pet into your own backyard. It then becomes a breeding ground. Treat your yard with a topical or granual solution to kill the fleas before they get to your pet.

Wrapping Up On Fleas

A flea problem can be a huge mess and you may feel like you will never get it under control, but you will. Just stick to it and realize that things will get better, they are just not going to get better overnight.

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